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nicol&nicol have 25 years experience working with schools, colleges and universities.  With excellent university contacts in Australia, Ireland, Mainland Europe, New Zealand, UK and the USA, they are perfectly positioned to provide expert education and careers advice to young people internationally. We offer tailor made one on one career and education counselling for young people to ensure the best possible career and education outcomes.


nicol&nicol have worked extensively with colleges and universities devising and implementing marketing and recruitment strategies for both international and domestic student audiences and analysing need for and subsequent implementation of IT systems. We have expertise the design and project management of quantitative and qualitative market research projects. Our consultants have been involved in large scale projects taking feedback over 500,000 students, staff and stakeholders. 


nicol&nicol have worked extensively to facilitate change and implement new management structures within the Education Sector.  They have expertise in change management and facilitation at all levels within institutions. We provide training for the Education Sector in the areas of customer service, marketing, student recruitment, marketing strategy and implementation. Our experienced trainers have trained both administrative and academic staff in Asia, Mainland Europe, the Middle East, the UK and the USA.


nicol&nicol work with the commercial sector to assist with providing market research specifications and briefs, whilst advising on research methodology for both quantitative and qualitative projects. We have previously worked with a wide range of companies both FTSE 500 and small to medium sized businesses.

Our consultants have extensive experience in staff training and development in the areas of customer service, marketing, recruitment, sales and staff motivation. We conduct bespoke courses for small groups, one to one work shadowing and coaching.