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International House


nicol&nicol was employed by the Director of Business Development and Marketing.  The project involved working with numerous UK universities including: Anglia Ruskin University;  Aston University; Bournemouth University;  the University of Bristol; Coventry University; De Montfort University; University of Essex; Greenwich University;  Oxford Brookes University;  Queen Mary University;  University of Southampton;  Swansea University and the University of Worcester. The project involved asking universities to recognise the International House progression programme to 1st year entry to both engineering and business undergraduate degrees.


Study Group


nicol&nicol worked with the Managing Director of StudyGroup USA to advise StudyGroup the US expansion of their International Study Centre network.  The project involved in-depth analysis of the US higher education landscape, particularly with reference to numbers of international students and their internationalisation strategy.   The report Louise produced fed directly into StudyGroup’s US Board and their US sales and marketing strategy.




nicol&nicol worked directly with the Managing Director of Hobsons UK and the senior management team to advise on Hobsons UK future management structure and sales strategy.  As part of the project Louise trained a number of senior members of Hobsons sales and client relations team and advised on individual client strategy.  nicol&nicol also provided Hobsons with client introductions and advised on their European expansion strategy.




nicol&nicol has worked extensively with i-graduate on both business development and client consultancy with numerous universities and government agencies including:  Auckland University of Technology (NZ); DAAD (GR); the Education New Zealand (NZ); English UK (UK); English Australia (UK); Enterprise Ireland (IR); the European Association of International Educators; Griffith University (AU); NAFSA (US) ; the University of Oxford (UK); St Andrews University (UK);  UCL  (UK); UK Department of Trade and Industry (UK); Yale University (UK) and  Waikato University (NZ).